Session Rates

Capturing special memories is such a joy for me and I’m honored and flattered to be invited into your life to preserve your baby’s gaze of wonder or your toddler’s sense of adventure.  My mission is to create images that you will treasure forever.
I suggest $200 as a flat fee that encompasses an hour-long session, my post-processing time, and all the pictures I take.  I’ll give you a CD of all the images so you’ll have them.  Honestly, it always is more of a labor of love anyway because all the hours I spend editing the pictures afterwards doesn’t make it worth it… but it’s very fulfilling for me (see above!!).
You are welcome to preview the pictures when I send them and tell me what you like and don’t like or request particular edits.  I like making some tones warmer and some people prefer sepia or b/w too.  Or maybe you notice a freckle you’d rather weren’t there.  Then I’ll give you all the files so you can order what you like and have them forever.
E-mail me for more information at  We will find exactly what will work for you.
* * * * *

How are my pictures different from what Picture People or JCPenney would give you?

Well, they pose your child (which I try not to do too much because I think natural, candid shots are way more fun) with an ugly grey/blue background or a fake country lane behind him and then fire away (with a high-powered flash) at your child for 20 minutes.  It’s stressful and can be expensive once you’ve ordered all the pictures you want.  AND, the pictures are boring and don’t convey anything about your child’s personality.  Conversely, I aim to let your child stay comfortable in his own environment and I spend time understanding what makes him who he is so I can capture that personality.  I get rewarded with natural smiles, intense gazes, and real emotion that really conveys who your child is and gives a peek into his/her life, more than you would get by trying to force him to smile at the camera.  Even better, you get to have all the images I take so you can order whatever prints you like in any size or create your own photo collages or canvases.


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