Photo Friday: Chicago – Paris on the prairie

How had I never been to Chicago before? There was definitely more to do than my three days there allowed for, but I got a great sense of the city and life in the burbs too.  Here are some shots of the beautiful United terminal at O’hare, our hotel and a sunset view from our room, and some architecture…  Selecting which pictures to showcase here was difficult.  In next week’s Photo Friday post, I’ll highlight two fun shops because I had to take pictures for you.

The docent of our architectural boat tour described Chicago as a “Paris on the Prairie” and a gateway to the West.  Learning more about the city’s history and development was fascinating.

Above: Grant Park

Above: Millennium Park

Above: The bean.  We went back at night and took a picture of our reflection.

Below: Sheffield Garden Walk and a new little friend.  We enjoyed some great conversations with the neighborhood residents.



Above: That’s Navy Pier in the background.


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