Bloggerly love

1/3/12: Ivy thanked me for passing the VBA on to her.  “Today I want to showcase Naomi from Poetic Aperture.  She said some very nice words about me over at her place when she gave me The Versatile Blogger Award… so please go and check her out!  I met her in one of my online photography classes.  Be sure and read Naomi’s “Bucket List” or “Life List”… she has some neat ideas and she takes pretty photos!”
Cheers ~Ivy

12/29/11: Kerry gave me the VBA and said: “Naomi Wittlin of the Poetic Aperture Blog epitomizes what the Versatile Blogger Award is all about; take a look and see what I mean for yourself.  Always well-written, always insightful.”


4 thoughts on “Bloggerly love

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