Life List

I have recently come across several blog posts about life lists (some call it a master list or a bucket list) and how important they are to reaching a goal (two great posts are here and here).  The act of trying to come up with a list and writing it all down is a huge step in actually realizing a dream.  I may never have known I wanted to do these things, but now that I’ve brainstormed and written them down, they are in the forefront of my mind and I am more likely to take action on some of them if the opportunity arises.   People recommend you come up with 100 things you’d like to accomplish before your time is up… I don’t even have a third of that but I’m having trouble coming up with more items to list here.  What’s on your list?

Publish a book of my photography | Transfer home videos to DVD | Take my daughter to Israel | Volunteer at a soup kitchen with my family | Have one of my photos published in National Geographic | Begin a photography business | Leave a $100 tip at a restaurant or cafe |Visit 10 National Parks | See the Grand Canyon | Learn to scuba dive | Visit Australia | Scuba dive/take pictures photographs in the Great Barrier Reef | Go on an African Safari | Go on an Alaskan cruise | Learn more about underwater photography | Take a Mediterranean cruise | Make our tzedakah box a regular part of Shabbat dinner | Leave 20 unsigned notes of kindness on various windshield wipers | Do a 365 photo project | Take ballroom dancing classes with my husband | Go back to that place along the Seine in Paris where they have ballroom dancing and join in | Take a black & white photography class | See an active volcano up close | See hot springs up close | Spend more time with animals | Shop for, wrap, and give away gifts to a family at Christmastime with my husband and daughter | Write a novel | Learn enough Italian to converse comfortably | Visit the Taj Mahal | Leave the world a tangibly better place | Take a painting class | Meet someone I hugely admire | Make my mom’s challah | Live in another country for a significant period of time | Volunteer for the board of an organization I admire | Reach 100 subscribers on my blog | Take tap dance lessons | Find a synagogue we love and attend regularly | Take a Photoshop class | Play a ukulele | Try being a travel writer/photographer | Be featured in Artful Blogging magazine


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