Picture Black and White: Messages

The theme for the next five prompts was Messages.  Once you start looking for messages you see them everywhere…on your cereal box, on your mug, in a favorite book, signs on the street.  If you can be open and receptive, you never know what messages might come forward.

* * * * *

Note to Self: The dialogue that we have with ourselves might be the most important and persuasive conversation we have.

Lyrics from our wedding song (Van Morrison’s “Someone Like You”) that spoke to us and keeps inspiring us 11 years later. I placed it next to our framed wedding invitation.

Paint cans

  • What fun!  Love this!
  • Oh wow, this is great!!
  • Cute shot.
  • Super cute.
  • too cool !!! :-))) love the ‘bordered’ messages :-))
  • great shapes and light and fun messages! : )
  • Love it! What great names for paint.
  • I like the messages on both cans. Great light and shadows.

    Well I just had to buy these little charms… I have them hanging on a pin above my closet light switch and I admire them every day.

  • Love these little charms!!
  • What a great place for them to be! I thought they were earrings. Love the work on these and they look so good in black and white.
  • I thought they were earrings – I can easily imagine them dangling from my lobes 😉 Nice purchase & shot!
  • i can see why. there are so lovely. beautiful in black and white too :-))
  • i like that they aren’t perfectly up and down … live is tilted but jaunty ~ kinda like life! cool. : )
  • Great shot.  I like how you captured the shine.
  • Darling! Great words to live by.

* * * * *

Good Fortune: Horoscopes, daily affirmations, and/or anything else that might send messages that feel like they’ve been sent just at the exact moment we need them.

Framed for me by my dad many years ago… I treasure this.

One card from my Bliss pack

* * * * *

Well Said: Words can have a great impact when written (and captured) in black and white.  Find something that speaks to you.

This little plaque was given to me by my dad during a difficult time for me.

Seen in a coffee shop and too good not to capture

* * * * *

No Words Necessary: Words aren’t the only things that speak volumes. There are pictures, symbols and signs that can communicate perfectly even without things all spelled out.

I’m drawn to hearts and this collection was a must-photograph.

* * * * *

Handwritten: Writing by hand is somewhat of a lost art. Maybe that’s why when someone hand writes something especially for you, it feels so special. 

Whenever I see the handwriting from my best friend, I instantly relax and smile. Her notes cheer my soul.


9 thoughts on “Picture Black and White: Messages

  1. Naomi,

    You were my inspiration this morning. I love all the messages, especially the framed fortune from your Dad.

    Beautiful Black and whites!

    Also, I agree with your note to Self. “The dialogue that we have with ourselves might be the most important and persuasive conversation we have.”

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

    Love to you,

  2. i love all the message; I agree the dialogue we have with ourselves is the important. As a parent we help to set the internal dialogue our children will have with themselves for the rest of their life, I think that might be the most important dialogue we have all day, I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Wonderful post Naomi, very thoughtful. All your bw photos is very beautiful and leaves a lot to the viewer to find. Love your note to self, it is truly important, but so easy to forget.
    PS Love that van Morrison song too…

  4. What a lovely blog you have – I love black and white images; they always speak more strongly somehow than color photos do. It’s great to be in class with you! 🙂

  5. Hi Naomi! What great phrases. This is a post that I needed to see today. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the new class on top of all the other things (all great! just busy) going on in my life. I’m really hoping to find more time getting to know everyone and their blogs. Take care & see you in the classroom. Stacie

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