Time keeps on changing

One of you dear friends told me about this awesome (and free) e-course, Changing Time, about managing our relationship to time.   It consists of an “ongoing flow of innovative tools, techniques and ideas to create a new relationship with time,” moving away from the “defaults” of anxiety/stress/worry/complaints about time that are so pervasive in our society.  “You can finally move past the limiting views of time that have held you back from fully embracing the wild beautiful truth: time is not a defined line; it is instead a vibrant, completely moldable, layered, multi-faceted work of art that is in your artistic hands to create and design, each and every day.”

Who knew?! The Day 1 Time Expansion Moment asked:

1. When you think about time, what is the first thing that comes to mind? 
2. What is your deepest wish, regarding time? 
3. What is your biggest challenge, regarding time? 
4. If you suddenly never had to worry about time, how might your life be different?

I’m  thinking about these questions today.  How would YOU answer them?

My answers: 1. Either a clock or my constant companion to-do list.  2. That I would stop racing against it.  3. I have trouble stopping and just being, letting time tick past me but not accomplishing anything tangible.  There are so many things I want to do, friends I want to see, etc.  4. I would not need to search for a clock/watch every 3 minutes.  I’d be more leisurely about just about everything.  I would feel comfortable just knowing that however I fill my day would be meaningful.

This is a problem of my current situation as a SAHM.  If I had more time for myself, I don’t think I’d feel this way about time.  Some days, I’m wanting time to move faster so I can put my daughter to bed and have some time for myself.  When she was an infant and took her little (damn you, Mommy.  I refuse to sleep longer!) 30-minute naps, I’d race around the house like a madwoman trying to send e-mails, put in some laundry, use the bathroom, take a shower, and get the mail before she woke again.  I think that’s when the craziness began of me trying to escape her… and time itself.


One thought on “Time keeps on changing

  1. SO feeling this to the bottom of my being!
    my biggest struggle.
    time….such a powerful thing.
    i loved these questions and totally get
    your answers.
    gonna play with them for awhile, too.

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