Incorporating mindfulness – June 1 OLW Bloghop

This post is part of the One Little Word Blog Hop where members of Ali Edwards’ OLW class share their monthly assignments or something about their word.  Each month, on the 1st of the month, I’ll participate and then give you a link to the next in line (see the full list of participants at the end of this post).

May page

How on earth is it June already? Our assignment last month was to find some specific tactics or activities we could take toward making our word part of our lives.  I decided on three actual tasks and three mental concepts.

  • Organize a household binder of preschool forms, invitations and schedules, contact numbers, and frequently referenced documents. I also have a little zippered pocket for bills and one for coupons.  This has helped me tremendously! Not only are our kitchen surfaces mostly cleared off, which helps my peace of mind, but I know where everything is when I need it.  Love that!

    Household binder

  • Stretch a little each day.  I am doing this and it feels great.
  • Rest a little each day.  This is harder for me but when I find myself sitting, I remember to just stop doing three things at once and just BE.
  • When I feel overwhelmed, don’t think about it so much.  Seeing how things usually sort themselves out, why get bogged down in feelings of stress and pressure? I keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon enough all is ok.
  • Sort of in line with the previous concept, keep the perspective regarding my daughter that one day I will miss these days.  If I can see her behavior as fleeting, I can deal with it better.
  • Physically stop rushing, rushing, rushing.  I’ve been forgetting this one a lot and I tend to walk fast and try to accomplish multiple tasks at once.  When I remember to slow my pace, I am much more likely to fully be present in this moment.

Not directly part of this month’s mindfulness plan, my husband finally convinced me to change our diet and exercise life.  I’ve been sluggish about starting something so life-changing, even though I definitely need to be better about taking care of my health.  When I undertake something, there are no grey lines.  It’s all in or forget it.  So I’m all in, and I’m anticipating that I’ll soon be feeling better about my body and in my body.  I am definitely eating more mindfully and appreciating food as fuel for my activity.

I’m so glad to be part of this blog hop!  Some of the artwork these ladies do is just incredible! Now, hop along to the next OLW post.  She (and each thereafter) will send you on down the list from there until you’ve seen them all.  The rest of the participants are listed below.  I encourage you to visit every blog for more creative fun.

You can read other posts related to my OLW here.

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12 thoughts on “Incorporating mindfulness – June 1 OLW Bloghop

    • Thanks Kimberlee! It was WAY easier than I even imagined and has been very useful. I just started with the binder and a few papers and let it grow through the month to be what it is.

  1. I love this post – your reminders to stretch and rest and slow down could be written for me. And the concept of remembering your daughter’s behavior is fleeting… I’ll be trying to keep that in mind with my belligerent teen!

  2. I adore our family binder – everyone knows if there is a fire and it is safe grab the purple folder! Although I’m putting more and more online/in the cloud too, doesn’t deal with bits of paper. Congratulations on working on your goals and the lifestyle/diet changes too.

  3. Great list of goals! It’s wonderful that you and your husband and trying to get healther together, it’s so helpful to have someone to do it with.

  4. first of all, amen – how can it be JUNE?? 🙂 second, love your tasks lists and divinding them between physical and mental. i too am an all or nothing kind of person. good for you for making big lifestyle changes!

  5. I’ve been meaning to do a family binder forever but still haven’t (so I’m a tad bit jealous!) Love your page and enjoyed reading your post.

  6. I didn’t know you ran a blog hop too… They seem to be more popular on the Blogger platform than on WP. I ran a few last year and people didn’t take to them … Oh well… 🙂

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