My favorite photo

When the world around you is your canvas, you must have your tools with you all the time.  I always have a camera with me and I can’t say I’ve ever regretted it.  I keep my iPhone charging near my bed at night so theoretically I could even take pictures as soon as I open my eyes in the morning.  I LOVE  seeing pictures happening before my eyes… for that’s exactly what they are.  I also love going through them and smiling at the stories and memories they bring to mind.

And the idea that my best photograph hasn’t even been taken yet just spurs me onward.

Is this you too? Do you always have a camera with you? And are you as excited about the potential as I am? Do tell!


9 thoughts on “My favorite photo

  1. Yes, I am the exact same. I always carry a camera with me. I believe that the moments in our lives are our story and that they need to be captured. I also believe that beauty is all around us in our every day lives but that most of us walk right past it in order to reach our destination. Great post and great quote!

  2. Would you believe, when I picked up my daughter this past weekend from her first Bat Mitzvah party (I still can’t believe it), I did not have my camera? I was one of a handful of moms wanting to capture the excitement, the fancy dresses, and all that glitter. I am usually the mom who always has the camera.

    I had my cell phone, yet, the quality is too low for a decent picture.

    I loved your black and whites. The palm of your hand was amazing. I defiantly thought it was a leaf.

    I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

    • I’ve done that before, but on purpose, and regretted it! Sometimes I think always having my camera is a hindrance to actually being with people, so I leave it at home and then regret it!
      Hey, did you ever write your birthday letter? Mine is tomorrow and I am looking for a way to make it special for myself.

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