Photo Friday: Picture Black and White

I am already halfway through the two-month Picture Black & White class and am really enjoying it.  In looking beyond the color when taking a picture, I’m learning what graphic elements make up a strong image and how to arrange them, as well as how light brings things to life.  I have particularly loved the community-building in the class and want to remember some of the lovely compliments people have given me about some of my images, so I’ve included a few here.

Lining Up

  • Lots of lines and the shadows just add to it. Love that little bit of curve too.
  • oh those shadows. wonderful detail :-))
  • My eye was drawn to the curved line amongst all the straight ones. Then I saw the shadows. Very nice.
  • the shadows caught my eye right away too–it made me think of a sailboat!
  • I agree — the shadows show up so well in b&w! Love all the straight as well as the curved lines!
  • love your photo! the shadows and light are amazing and show up so well in b/w!

  • oh, i love your perspective! and the cute little tootsies poking out!
  • This is fabulous I really really love it.

Lining Up: My hand

  • Wow! This is amazing. I thought it was a leaf from the thumbnail and it would have taken me a long time to figure it out.
  • So creative. looks like a topographic map. Which, I guess, it is… 🙂
  • what a cool interpretation, love it!


  • oh wow, never thought of it before to capture this so close 🙂 magical


Lining Up

  • Fab! This wouldn’t have the impact in color. 
  • I like the juxtaposition of the curves against the straight lines of the sidewalk and bricks.
  • it looked like a big potato masher on my phone! Love it!
  • I like the way the shadow gives it an abstract feel.

Seeing a Pattern: I thought this flower stem was pattern-ish.

  • Great pattern. Love the little dotted lines.
  • such an interesting capture. Love the light.
  • what a brilliant ‘eye’ you have to see the pattern in it. Very cool capture!
  • How delicate, love the white dotty lines.

Building Blocks: A Street in Italy

  • Very cool shot…love the perspective.
  • love these cobble stone street… this is wonderful in black and white.
  • Wow, you’d have to be careful walking down that street! Love your focus!
  • Gorgeous! I absolutely want to go in and explore! 
  • Pic draws you in and up the steps.
  • A beautiful picture, love the way the staircase draws the eye into the frame.
  • Breath taking! So glad you converted this. Absolutely beautiful.
  • I remember walking that stairway and thinking how millions had done so before, you captured all that with just one photo.

White Out: Capturing your subject void of the darker tones of shadows and featuring mostly the light ethereal “keys” of white is often referred to as “high key” imagery.

  • This looks so feathery and soft! Beautiful.
  • very nice…i love all the wispy detail!
  • You did a great job! Definitely looks ethereal. Lovely!
  • Ooooh, this is just wonderful!
  • I love the softness of this shot! It is so pretty!

High End

  • Soo pretty! Love the flowers in the foreground and the darker bushes in the background. Nice.
  • I love this. It feels like it is super sunny outside. The dark tunnel draws the eye into the photo too.
  • I like the texture in this. I think this would look great in a more traditional black and white processing too.
  • Even in b&w it feels like a sunny, warm day. So neat.

Rim Light: As soon as I read the prompt, I thought of this snapdragon macro I took in February.

  • Very nice! Love all those little details! 🙂
  • perfect perfect perfect!!
  • This is amazing! Had no idea what it was, glad you told us! Great abstract, but oh the light and texture!
  • Naomi, this is so wonderful! That light! My snapdragons are just about gone. I am going to go out to look at them again. I haven’t seen this viewpoint.
  • Oh my word! This is surreal! I love the texture and the light. Beautiful!
  • Love all those points of light!

In Contrast: Found this from my archives and it practically screamed “pick me for this prompt!”

In Contrast

  • This is really beautiful. I wouldn’t have thought to use the water reflections as the light portion of a contrast picture. It’s brilliant!
  • Such a great capture of beautiful droplets!

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