Kids make terrible pets

I saw this at a bookstore recently and laughed out loud.

Happy belated Mother’s (you’re doing the most amazing work on the planet) Day to you all.  I wanted to pass along the two articles below.  They might just be especially useful to you if two nights ago you stomped from the room after spending two hours trying to get your little girl to go to sleep, enduring wiggles and excuses and stating things like, “This is your last chance,” and then you started screaming, “I just can’t take it anymore!!!” scaring two kitties and one bewildered husband trying to watch a movie.  Just in case.

OK that was me.  I’ve been having a rough go of it lately and even tried returning my daughter at the customer service counter of Target.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

Meagan Francis on looking for the positive parts of motherhood: “Being a good mom means… you’re able to roll with the punches and move on from the difficult days feeling satisfied with your life.”

25 Self-care Tips for the Body & Soul: “Stop trying to wade upstream at high tide.” “Breathe deep.” “You are enough.”

“You are changing the world, one child at a time.  I know that what you do often seems invisible.  I know that your child has no idea how much sacrifice is required.  I know that you don’t get the recognition you deserve.  But every act of love makes the world a better place and has a ripple effect.  
“Devotion, as parents know, is walking the floor at 2am holding a screaming baby with an ear infection. Devotion is taking a deep breath and re-centering yourself when any reasonable person would scream.  Devotion is forcing yourself into the kitchen to make your kids dinner after a long day, when all you really want is to curl up on the couch and go to sleep.  Devotion is biting your tongue so often you get a piercing. Devotion is taking off your jacket on a freezing night to tuck it around a sleeping child in the back seat of the car.  The pay, however, makes everything worth it.  Mothers get paid in pure love.” ~ Dr. Laura Markham

One thought on “Kids make terrible pets

  1. I laughed out loud when I saw the post title on Masterminds. I just wrote about this, too, in a post titled Let It Be, but not as funny as you did! I’m including the link because WordPress ofent won’t let me leave a link back through my sign in name. Your post reminded me of a joke Bill Cosby told. “God made babies so cute so we wouldn’t kill them.” Lordy, I had many moments like the one you described! Anyway, here is my article if you are interested.

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