Photo Friday: where the heart is

Here and there, I’ve had some time to work on some small home projects.  Our house is a wonderful space, but I have been wanting to personalize it and make it more ours.

Wall words over our entry table near our front door

I hung these prints of my macrophotography several months ago on a long wall to the left of a large framed print. I've been looking for what to hang on the right to balance out the display...

... PERFECT! Lyrics to our wedding song, mod-podged with sparkle. I didn't use the glass of the frames.

I saw this wood sign in a craft store and really wanted to paint it and use it somewhere. It's hanging right off the kitchen's door to our driveway and cars so I always hang my purse and any other bags I need right there.

Another entry wall: wall words, a little ledge and some other photos.

I feel content every time I glance at this above our kitchen sink and window.

Playroom: Decals on the double doors (from Target), chalkboard paint on the sliding door, and 3M hooks for the multiple purses and bags my daughter "needs."

A recent IKEA purchase. We were looking for an entry table that was exactly like our console table in the living room, so we decided to just move that one. This works better for our living room anyway because of the storage bins' ability to stash little toys.

At about eye level all the way around the guest bathroom, I hung some of my "artsy" photographs of our daughter and various eye candy.

I’ve completely reorganized our bathroom storage into labeled containers and I’ve also taken our pantry from war zone to usable space.  I now have ample ideas from this awesome magazine for our office.  Now I just need about 15 child-free hours to accomplish them.  🙂

What have you done to make your home more “you?” Do share your secrets in the comments!



10 thoughts on “Photo Friday: where the heart is

  1. it looks like you have been busy! love the idea of using words from a poem in a collection of frames. I have been de-cluttering and enjoying kijijji! I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Naomi, I’m coming to really look forward to your photo Fridays. Visual inspiration is where it’s at, woman! And I NEEDED to see these. Your home/walls look absolutely beautiful, and I’ve been needing to do a little spring re-decorating. I feel so inspired now! You have a true talent.

  3. Noami,
    I love what are doing (have done) with your home. Your photos are such a beautiful reflection of who you are. It’s so special of you to have your art on your walls.

    I am in the process of doing MAJOR cleaning in my home, my mind, my body, and my soul.
    I am feeling so free and light. I will share some pictures on my blog soon. I suppose I have unintentionally put my blog on hold. I do plan to post sometime next week.


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