Photo Friday: various nature photos

I took this one from inside my car on a rainy day, waiting to pick up my daughter at preschool.

One aspect of photography, probably the one that speaks to me the most, is that it helps me see the world around me with a slightly different perspective.  Oftentimes, instead of seeing a mess, I see my daughter’s very frequent (as in multiple times a day) play with sand and water to be a beautiful childhood experience for her.  I have a lot of photos of her face in intent concentration, “working” on another magnificent concoction.

Thank you all for your encouraging comments.   I love and treasure each one.  Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend.

I love how a water drop can simulate a magnifying glass. I also love the dreamy bokeh in the background.

An accidental little flare that I love. And again that background.

My favorite of the four here (you know I have lots more)

Lillies from my parents' garden (fisheye iPhone lens)

LOVE that there's a world inside that tiny drop.


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