Photo Friday: garden update


I just LOVE watching these flowers bloom! My backyard blooms practically change by the hour it seems.  Our daylillies are just starting to open up too.

You know, I always took gerber daisies for granted.  They seemed so plain to me.  Not that I see them in each stage of their life, I am amazed.



Still a work in progress.  I had to add a couple more shelves because they didn’t all fit on the shelf I painted once I took out two of the shelves.  I lined the shelves with a clear plastic drawer liner so I can actually water them now (lost a couple already).  I am still shopping for little doodads to embellish the space.  Pretty soon I’m going to figure out how to hang these pretty decorative wire flowers on the brick wall behind the shelves.  They’ve been sitting out there for several months now just waiting for the right drill bit, poor things.




7 thoughts on “Photo Friday: garden update

  1. seriously jealous, I think the wild crocuses are just starting to bloom on the hill, grass is starting to turn green, no sign of the garden flowers even poking out of the ground. love your pictures, and living vicariously!

  2. Just fabulous! I love seeing photos of other peoples’ gardens! I love the shelves, unfortunately doing pots here in CO is tough…everything drys out so fast. Enjoy!

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