Photos from the nature center

We spent last Saturday morning at an Earth Day festival at our Nature Discovery Center.  My favorite part was that we went on a guided nature walk and got to see a screech owl.  The first picture is with the naked eye, just the owl in the tree.  Our guide had a telescope and I set my iPhone telephoto lens up to the viewfinder.  I saw him open one eye and close it again, I guess wondering what the commotion was down below.  This last photo is of an owl we saw just sitting at a table and letting a woman tell us all about him.  Since I have had a fascination with all things owl lately, I was so excited to get to meet these little guys!


This is a white dove high up in a tree. I shot this also through the telescope with my iPhone. Not the highest quality, but I was just amazed at her beauty.

Taken also with iPhone telephoto lens through the telescope. Bees were on a box HIGH up in a tree.

There was something about that purple flower in the background that made me stop in my tracks and take this picture.


3 thoughts on “Photos from the nature center

  1. Your photos are so inspired. You make me want to take out my camera and really want to use it again. When life was a little less complicated, I would spend hours behind the camera. Now I’m luck if I remember to bring it with me. Maybe once if find a way to regain the work life balance again, I will be able to find some time to take a photography class again. Keep up the beautiful work!

    • Thank you so much, Rishona! I read recently that true balance is more a form of being at peace with one part of your life getting more attention than the others and then having it switched over and over. Of course it’s ideal to have that pie chart where everything is balanced, but that’s not likely to happen with young kiddos in the picture! I have been taking almost all my pictures with my iPhone these days because the best camera is the one that’s with me!

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