Photo Phriday: Post-production play with Pixlr

I’ll do anything for a little alliteration! In my Swan Dive class, we spent week 1 exploring and experimenting with resources out there for post-production, specifically, Pic Monkey (made by the same folks who made Picnik), Photoshop Actions, iPhone apps, Lightroom Presets, Pixlr Express and Pixlr Online Editor.  I am so far enjoying playing around with Pixlr Express the most.  Below are some of my results.  There are so many options to explore!

This one was shot with my fisheye iPhone lens and then edited in Pixlr with a "space" overlay called "scheat," which added the sparkles and green lights

This is a macro iPhone shot of our Knock Out Roses. I chose a canvas called "weave" and then let Pixlr "auto fix" the image, which added that purple tone in the background.

Applied "glitter" twice (once and then reversed for the other side) and then a small vignette.

I just love Dandelions. This is from a bunch of wildflowers we picked over a week ago... it just opened up today on our windowsill. In Adjustments, I selected "color correction" and chose "blue grad," which I figure either means a gradual fade or a blue gradient filter.

Adjustment "Tom" gave this a soft blur and desaturated it.

Canvas sand overlay

This Dandelion pic practically screamed for the fireworks "burst" shown here.

This Agapanthus is about to burst forth in bloom. I used a Kim Klassen texture "Simply Inspired" in Photoshop because I love the softness it adds.


13 thoughts on “Photo Phriday: Post-production play with Pixlr

  1. Wonderful shots! I love dandelions too! I’m tempted to tell my neighbors that I am loving their field of yellow (aka their backyard) but I think they *might* think I was being snarky that they havn’t cut it yet! Others might care, but I don’t. My lot is tree-mated so no dandelions at all.

  2. I love your photos. I am not much of a photo enhancer, so I just loved that you shared information on how to make the ordinary, become extraordinary.
    I had so much fun playing with pic monkey. My daughter loved it, too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice work! Pixilr is absolutely amazing – in that it’s free, fast, stable, and gets done much of what we’d otherwise be using full-on software like Photoshop for. Cool post.

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