Photo Friday: breaking the rules

I’m participating in a two-week course called Rule-Free Photography through Live it to the Full: Online Workshops and Destination Retreats for Navigating Through Life’s Transitions.  It’s a fun little creative adventure that really takes about 5-10 minutes a day.  The idea is to get out of our heads and into the experience of photography.  Here are a few photos from this week’s class.

It’s been interesting to think about connecting with the experience of taking photos beyond just the finished product.  It’s about the creative process, not necessarily about achieving perfection.  Also, sometimes it’s best to learn by taking away all the “shoulds” or mental restrictions and just experiment and make beautiful mistakes.

I definitely think (for me) that photography is all about seeing, about noticing something and capturing it in a certain way.  Of course I care about the final image but I most love the actual experience of having captured something specific and of seeing the world in that very moment.

I’ll share more revelations next Friday as the class wraps up.  Feel free to share your views on what photography is for YOU.  Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: breaking the rules

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