Playing with Photojojo iPhone lenses

I am absolutely giddy! I lost my little macro iPhone lens last week at a backyard birthday party.  I always have it in my pocket, it must have fallen out when I took my phone out or something.  Since I’d already been telling everyone I know how awesome it is and that I wished I’d just gone ahead and bought the entire set since it’s such a good deal, that’s exactly what I did.  Check it out.  The company is very humorous:


First let me tell you how fun even the ordering process is (and NO… even though I still believe they should be paying me for all this advertising, I’m receiving no $ from Photojojo).  Right after I placed the order, I received a humorous e-mail about how I’ve “got this on-line shopping thing down pat.” Two days later, my lenses arrived and I couldn’t wait to play with them!

Where am I going to keep these lovely lenses? When I was shopping yesterday for my soon-to-be-born nephew (yay!), I saw a cute little case meant for a baby’s pacifier… that’d be a perfect way to keep them in my purse.  You just never know when you’ll want to distort, enlarge, or macro-fy something.  SOOOO happy to have my macro lens back! Our roses are budding and all our recently-planted seeds are sprouting in the backyard garden …

This is by no means intended to be a scientific comparison of all the lenses, but at least you can see what they do…

I have a feeling I’ll be taking a lot of fisheye images in the near future.  So cool! The telephoto would have come in handy last weekend at SeaWorld.


6 thoughts on “Playing with Photojojo iPhone lenses

  1. Naomi,

    So funny you posted this today. I have been wanting to write to you about the lens. I am planning to buy them for my husbands BD (so I can selfishly use too. That’s how it goes, right?) Any way, I have been loving your photos and am just amazed by what the can do. So, I just love that you posted this today. I feel like it was meant just for me. So, just to confirm … Do the lens you ordered work with any iPhone?

    Thanks for making it so easy for me to know where to go to order it. Oh, how I appreciate you.

    Enjoy this beautiful day. We live in Chicago and the past 2 weeks have been spring/summer like. Absolutely amazing!
    Lots of love and LIGHT to you.

  2. I want these! I think I need to step up my plan (incl convincing DH on what kind) to buy an iPhone. Don’t know the argument that it’s a camera and phone in one is convincing, but I do need to replace my mobile that doesn’t always let you dial. I think it’s 4 years old, which in technology years is like a few centuries! These lenses are being ordered as soon as I hace the phone!

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