Being present – March OLW Bloghop

This post is part of the One Little Word Blog Hop where members of Ali Edwards’ OLW class share their monthly assignments or something about their word.  Each month, on the 1st of the month, I’ll participate and then give you a link to the next in line (see the full list of participants at the end of this post).

It seems rather humorous to me to write a post about mindfulness that immediately follows yesterday’s post.  Clearly I am not succeeding!

I think if I slow down and follow through on my promise to let myself off the hook more often (so much harder than it sounds!), I will become more mindful.

I HAVE been noticing little moments of joy or beauty here and there and having this word top of mind HAS made the past two months better, but I need to do even better.  I’ve been noticing and observing emotions more than really sinking into them, which helps me recognize that they will pass.  Having more of a big picture view has helped me realize more and more that everything is precious… childhood, flowers, compliments, smiles.

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One Little Word February page

Photographs for my February page: 1) wet feather discovered on the beach  2) snapdragons backlit by morning sun  3) q-tip art  4) pausing to appreciate the tea ritual (I pulled this one from my December picture files)  5) painting with my daughter  6) dandelion macro  7) iPhone flower macro  8) water droplets during a rain and a favorite quotation  9) water drops after a rain and a reminder to breathe

I’m so glad to be part of this blog hop!  Some of the artwork these ladies do is just incredible! Now, hop along to the next OLW post.  She (and each thereafter) will send you on down the list from there until you’ve seen them all.  The rest of the participants are listed below.  I encourage you to visit every blog for more creative fun.

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March 1 OLW Blog Hop Participants (all blogs will be live by 8am PST):
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26 thoughts on “Being present – March OLW Bloghop

  1. Noami, loved your post. I went and read your other post first and I feel you (I think I have a similar tape running in my head which I am working so hard to let go of). I love your photos. And you are actually being mindful, maybe not as much on peaceful and lovely stuff as much as you want, but you are working your word! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ah, but you are succeeding because you are thinking about it. Even if it is after the fact, it is all part of the process. 🙂 You have already realized you need to tell Judgy McJudgerson to take a break and that you need some time to yourself. That is not being selfish. That is restoring yourself so you can care for those others in your life. 🙂 Check out the Brave Girls ( if you haven’t already. It might help.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and honest feelings.

  3. Noticing and not sinking into the moments is a step on the way – good luck continuing to journey with your word. Such lovely photos and reminders – everyone needs to be reminded to breathe and know they are loved.

  4. Being present was my word last year. I know what you mean about “escaping” some of the very things you want to be more mindful of (mainly children). About mid year I came to realize that being present for me was as important as being present for my little people. 🙂 I started a series on my other blog (not my scrappy one in this blog hop) called Mindfulness Monday. I try to focus on at least one moment every week that is a slow down and be thankful for what I’ve got kind of moment. Good luck on your journey! I know your word will bless you as much as it did me last year!

    • Monica, I am off to check out your childhood spirituality blog… how wonderful! Thank you for writing. Being mindful for myself is so important… I am always mindful for my daughter, present with her feelings and needs but I definitely do not do the same for myself.

  5. stunning photos naomi. and i also loved your previous post – although my daughter is now in college, i still found myself nodding in agreement at your laundry list of things to do and beat myself up about. 🙂 we’ve all been there and can relate. good luck with your word and your journey…looking forward to hearing more about it. love, kelly

    • Thanks, Kelly. Perhaps “mindful” and “try” should be interlinked. You and I are trying to do far too much… in my ever so humble, overachieving opinion. P.S. Your camilla photo is gorgeous.

  6. Thank you for being a part of this blog hop. I too read your post that you referred to. You made me laugh and nod in agreement and I thought wow this woman is so good at processing what is going on in what she writes and photographs. I am also doing Mindful and have probably lived it more than done all the documentation of it. I have done journalling – a bit like your post – processing the word and why I wanted it in my life. I really enjoyed your take and even though I know you know. Take a moment for you, actually take more than a moment, and just as you put that energy, dedication and love into your daughter, tell yourself that you need that too. You need it for her,so she can see that you are human and have needs too.
    A wise friend said to me once
    Your cup must be overflowing for you to be able to give to anyone else, that way there will still be plenty left to keep you nourished.
    Words to think about. I did. And she was right. I would give that advice too, my problem is that I am not as good at following the advice. I do try. I suppose that is part of the process and the journey. Take care.

  7. Oh, how I can relate to your posts….found myself nodding my head as I read. You ARE being mindful and you ARE making progress. I have a wonderful friend who reminds me all the time to be as kind to myself as I am to others….so easy to say, so hard sometimes to practice. Very glad you’re on the hop 🙂

    • I know just what you mean, Lisa. When I hear the things my friends beat themselves up about, they just sound completely ridiculous. But for myself… I never follow my own advice! Good thing for friends.

  8. wonderful photos this month! i particularly like the water droplet after rain, so cool. sorry it took me so long to comment, i’ve been out of town since the hop went live. see you next month. xoxo

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