Life as preparation

Do any of you ever feel that your life thus far has been necessary to lead you to where you are and to help launch your next contribution? I’ve been feeling this way for a few years.  It is how a dear friend and I decided to raise funds to build a school in Cambodia.  We felt pulled to do something larger than ourselves.

Motherhood didn’t feel right for me until I’d reached a certain point.  I needed those years in grad school and in the workplace to prepare myself, to get to the point where I could put myself second much of the time.

I want to become a better human being.  I want to contribute to this crazy world we live in.  I want to use my life to spread peace and joy.

Whatever creative project is coming next, and I feel there is something brewing, I don’t feel any pressure to make it emerge quickly.  If this theory is correct, then every day I am collecting experiences and thoughts that will help me work toward becoming the person I need to be to make it happen.

How exciting! Share your own experiences…


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