Soft space: on mindful stillness

“Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day – 
like writing a poem or saying a prayer”

~ anne morrow lindbergh

In this post, Hannah Marcotti asks her readers to spend time in stillness, simply observing and daydreaming.  “Meditation, soft space (time spent doing nothing but being) and daydreaming are ways of being still.  Spend 5 minutes looking at your home… the books on a book shelf that you see every day, without ever really seeing them at all. Watch a plant in its stillness as you sit and see the way the light shines off of it. Notice the textures of a pillow or the patterns on a rug.”

I specifically carved out time to do this on Monday morning.  I sat in a corner of my living room where I never sit.  I was immediately taken back to when we were designing our house this summer and how different it is now that we live here.

Our living room

I’ve added quite a few nature-like elements.  A very long lamp search yielded lamps that look like they have branches in them.  I’ve hung a lot of my own nature photography.  Quiet, soothing colors and textures.  Open and inviting space.  It struck me that we succeeded in trying to bring the outside in by using floor to ceiling windows and using natural wood tones.  I most enjoyed looking outside and watching the quiet rain.

Have you sat in stillness lately?


8 thoughts on “Soft space: on mindful stillness

  1. Hi Naomi! I have always wanted to try meditation, but I can’t seem to keep my mind from wandering. I love the idea about really looking at something in your home that you see all the time, but don’t really SEE. Thank you for the great idea and thanks for visiting Focusing on Life!

  2. i actually sat in stillness this morning as i was not able to get going for the day. i sat up in bed, with a sleeping cat on either side of me, and looked at the bookshelves opposite the bed. i was surprised at how many details i remembered about many of the books and thought about whether i should reread or get rid of the ones i didn’t remember so well. then mimi tapped me on the knee and the moment was gone and i was submerged in my day. but it was nice while it lasted 🙂

  3. Sometimes when I paint it almost feels like meditation. Not in the true sense of course but it is somewhat trance like. That is when I am truly in the groove and my best work appears. Perhaps I should try meditating first, then get to painting, who knows!

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