Photo Friday: Bliss List #2

Today I’m participating again in Liv Lane’s Follow Your Bliss bloghop.  Liv writes, “Every Friday, I will share a list of the bliss in my midst, reflecting on moments over the past week where I’ve caught myself in a sense of wonder, contentment, and true joy. It’s like a gratitude list, but rather than just being thankful for the things I have…I want to be thankful for the way I feel – even if it’s fleeting – and celebrate whatever brought me to that bliss.”  Feel free to join us!

This is a box of 30 quotations meant to "spark some fun, let yourself go, worry less, jump for joy, celebrate life, and be happy." Dosage: as needed.

Here’s where I found bliss over the past couple of weeks:

  • My daughter and I went to the beach to collect shells.
  • I loved just connecting with nature for a few minutes before…
  • … we ended up at a shell shop so she could abandon all sense of time while digging around the bins of amazing textures and shapes and I could take more pictures!

  • This next one is completely unrelated to all the images above, but it was most blissful to watch my 3-year-old try painting her nails.  She did a pretty good job.  How did she get this big?

  • Attending a parent education night to learn more about the music program we are in.  Such fun learning about all the different ways music helps kids learn, develop, and connect with others.
  • MOST BLISSFUL was spending some time by myself with my iPhone macro lens.  Did you see yesterday’s photo post? I still can’t believe that tiny lens can take those stunning images!

Where did you find bliss this week?

Happy weekend everyone!


14 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Bliss List #2

  1. It sounds like a special time you spent with your daughter. There’s just something about beeing at the beach that takes me to that special place.
    Thanks for sharing your bliss list.

  2. Sorry for that last comment – my phone was not cooperating! What I was trying to say is that I adore the photo of your daughter applying nail polish. The curl of her fingers just shows how hard she was concentrating. So precious! And your box of quotations gives me a great idea for a valentines gift – thanks for the inspiration! I am still coveting that iphone lens : )

  3. Beautiful, beautiful photos! I love the feather and the water ripples the most. You are inspiring me to try and take more photos than just my daughter. I have the iphone macro lens on my birthday wish list 🙂

  4. Naomi,

    I love all your bliss sharing, especially all the sweet pinkness in the picture of your daughter painting her nails. Oh, how previous those years are… Enjoy every single minute.

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