iPhone macro lens (or, the best $20 ever spent)

iPhone macro lens from Photojojo.com (seen here with wide angle lens attached)

I finally got a few minutes to pry off the case that I’ve had my iPhone in for years and try out my new iPhone macro lens (New case with bigger lens opening coming soon).  I am giddy to share these with you.  I can hardly believe the images myself… most of them are SOOC – no sharpening, contrast work, or anything besides a little cropping here and there.  I know! I am blown away.  Now I just have to figure out how to stabilize the phone more because every tiny wobble makes a huge impact.  Do they make iPhone tripods???

Let me know what you think!

Snapdragons backlit by morning sun

Look at those tiny fuzzies!

Backyard rose

Rose detail - SOOC!

Tiny leaves on rose bush


Hybiscus detail

Hybiscus anthers and pollen sacs (had to look that up!)

Hybiscus bud

Dandelion seed head

Dandelion seed head

Bracts under seed head (aka after a little wind)


23 thoughts on “iPhone macro lens (or, the best $20 ever spent)

  1. Hey there! First thanks for giving me a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for my husband! He’s is in LOVE with his iPhone mostly for the camera and this is the tripod thingy that he swears by: http://www.studioneat.com/products/glifplus
    he also uses a gorilla pod, which is a small bendy tripod (I’m sure you know it) and I think we got ours at REI (also doubles as a great toy for a 2 year old – just sayin). Those pictures are amazing!

  2. Seriously amazing!!! Macro shots are my FAVORITE!!!! (even if they’re not my husband’s) I may have to check out the lens…only problem is – I need a heavy duty case. 20 month olds just don’t get that you can’t drop or throw the phone when momma says no more elmo! 🙂

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  4. I’m stunned that those were taken by a phone. I’m thinking that the $$$ spent on my macro lens and the tripod to hold it would have been better spent on an iphone. Wow!

    I think I just found reason 108 to replace my rotary dial cell phone w an iphone.

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  7. Hi Naomi – Very cool photos! I found your post though WordPress’s “Related Links” function and link to this at my post over here: SIngle Image Sundays: Inch Nail.

    I have a Photojojo lens too and am constantly blown away at the results it brings. I especially love how its narrow depth of field makes a great blended blurry background that often complements the foreground subject matter perfectly. Anyway, keep having fun with macro iPhoneography!

    • Richard, thanks for your comments and for subscribing to my blog. I’m still fairly new to blogging and get such a thrill when someone wants to know about new posts!
      I just took a few more today at a plant nursery… I love how I see such fine detail with the macro that I’d never see otherwise. I’ve started carrying it around in my pocket every day!

  8. I have iphone3 and have been holding out for the arrival of the 5…as soon as I get it, I will be getting lens’. OMG, I’m so excited! I may have to get them and use my daughter’s iphone4!

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