Picture Inspiration: Weeks 41 – 50

Picture Inspiration: 52 Weeks of Photocentric Creativity and Community

How have I gotten so behind AGAIN??? Here are ten weeks of prompts, which means I’m fully caught up now.  I am determined to complete this class – that’s right folks, only 2 weeks to go! I seriously need to be done with this.  Who has the time??? 

Week 41: Picture Plenty - turn your lens to abundance (Thanksgiving prompt)

Week 42: The Picture Within - Take a picture of a picture - saw these light panels in a hotel

Week 43: Connecting Color - Look for repeating color

Week 44: Don't Forget - Capture something that you want to remember always (my daughter pretending to read Nancy Drew)

Week 44: Don't Forget - Love this one too!

Week 45: Full Circle - Circle as symbol of continual flow (New Year's prompt)

Week 46: Say Something Sweet

Week 46: Say Something Sweet #2 - matching nail polish!

Week 47: Inside Looking Out - Windows as a creative muse - this is from an airplane window

Week 48: Winter Light

Week 49: Recuperation

Week 49: Recuperation

Week 50: For the love of cameras - my new iPhone macro lens!

Week 50: For the love of cameras

Picture Inspiration
 is a companion space to the Picture Series classes and consists of weekly photocentric prompts, challenges and projects.  It’s a virtual coffee shop – a place to gather, chat, share photos, glean insights, ask questions, and get inspired.  Through connection and creativity, we are delving deeper into what it means to use photography to reveal the magic in our everyday lives.


10 thoughts on “Picture Inspiration: Weeks 41 – 50

    • You are the most giving and amazing poet I know (which I admit isn’t that many!), Jennifer. Thank you for your kind words. I love how you say that I “listen with my eyes.” Just love that!

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