Photo Friday: city of rocks

Yesterday I got to photograph the coolest thing! It must have begun as a few people making these impromptu rock sculptures in one area of the Galveston seawall and word spread and now it’s an entire city of rocks.  Amazing that nobody knocks them all over.

I got way too many images for one post, but here are a few of my favorites…


18 thoughts on “Photo Friday: city of rocks

  1. Incredible…and so nice that people are respectful and leave them alone. I find the same thing here on the trails when people leave cairns and spirit-stacks. Very nice. 🙂

  2. These are amazing! I love the two linked up together. I’m having my regular link-up on my blog “Favourite Thing oN a Friday” and know my readers would love to see your photos if you fancied linking up. Em x

  3. In Vancouver someone has been doing this along false creek and the shoreline around Stanley park. It was a big hit during the olympics. Great photos

  4. WOW!!! These are incredible! Your skills with the camera actually make me feel like I’m there looking with you. I used to live in Houston, went to Galveston several times, and would have definitely loved it a lot more if I was able to see this!

      • They are THAT gorgeous! I love that they have personified nature like that… love the one of the man and woman holding hands… I would FOR SURE link it to you somehow and put your name on it so that everyone would know where it came from. I’d have to have Michele help me with logistics… but I really want to put about four images up there in the header and it would just fit perfectly. Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?

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