Get curious – a Pema Chodron quotation

“Rather than going after our walls and barriers with a sledgehammer, we pay attention to them. With gentleness and honesty, we move closer to those walls. We touch them and smell them and get to know them well. We begin a process of acknowledging our aversions and our cravings. We become familiar with the strategies and beliefs we use to build the walls: What are the stories I tell myself? What repels me and what attracts me? We start to get curious about what’s going on.”

Excerpted from: The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times, page 11

Photo taken at Houston Arboreatum


3 thoughts on “Get curious – a Pema Chodron quotation

  1. Beautiful photograph…and beautiful quotation, as well. I’ve had that book on my shelf for years and have opened it a few times…browsed through it, but haven’t sat down to fully enjoy it yet. Thank you, Naomi.

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