Photo Friday: butterflies

My daughter got a little butterfly habitat for her birthday.  You send away for 5 caterpillars, watch them grow for awhile, and when they form their chrysalis you transport them into the habitat and wait for them to emerge as butterflies.  It was a very fun project and something for us to watch and talk about every day. 

We enjoyed our butterflies for almost a week, feeding them sugar water on carnations and orange slices.  However, since a butterfly’s lifespan is only 2-4 weeks, I figured we’d better let them go before I had some explaining to do to my daughter.

What can I say… the little guys must be really attached to us because they didn’t want to leave! I had lots of time to take pictures of them as they just sat on our sidewalk refusing to fly away.   This guy below (Sebastian – yes we named them) was the last to depart.  We were encouraging him to go to these little flowers and start sipping and when he finally figured it out, we cheered him on!

This one really looks kangaroo-like to me for some reason.  Something about this little face looking up like that.  Maybe he was posing for the camera.

I love the blue you see in the wings on this one:

Happy weekend, friends!

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