Mindful: January page for One Little Word

I can honestly say that it’s been tough to think “mindfully” in the middle of a chaotic moment, but sometimes I manage to remember and it does immediately shift my perspective.  Yesterday, when my daughter was whining about something and I was feeling irritated, I recalled my word and calmed down.  My response to her was one of quiet patience and listening and it put both of us in a better mood immediately.  

I encourage you all to try this sometime!

January page for One Little Word

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6 thoughts on “Mindful: January page for One Little Word

  1. Enjoyed wandering and wallowing
    in the beauty of this space you’ve created.
    Bright hope to you
    for beautiful beginnings
    as your one word steadies your soul
    for the road ahead:)
    look forward to visiting again,

  2. Mindfulness. Really so important. As Anna gets ready to leave for college I am mindful of each moment I get to spend with her. Mindful of balance in life. Mindful of varied feelings. Mindful of living in the moment. Thanks for helping me to stop and think. Love you!!

  3. I like the cards, and I like the idea of reacting differently to everyday situations. I’ll start trying and forget somewhere along the way. Maybe I should have a concrete project to remind me of it too, it’s a good idea.

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