Mothering: a proud profession – most days

"Mothering" bumper sticker

At the end of a long, exhausting, “I’ve had better” day, do you take notice of the clothes you’ve worn and put them at the very back of your closet, just in case they’re jinxed?

Do you ever find yourself furiously tossing out dozens of items from your medicine cabinet shelves until you find the rubbing alcohol because your daughter refuses to go to sleep unless you remove her Aby Cadabie temporary tatoo?

Do you ever calculate how many hours it is until the kids go to bed… at 7am? “12 more hours ’til bedtime!”

Yes? Well then we have more in common that I thought! No? You’re weird.

(Of course I saw that bumber sticker on a minivan.)

P.S.  The Currently Reading page is updated.


5 thoughts on “Mothering: a proud profession – most days

  1. I remember when my kids were little, a very (very) long time ago, “staging” my day planning activities during the last part of the day, so “last” until dad walked in the door. I suspect you can imagine my complete exhausted disappointment when he called 10 minutes before he was scheduled home to say he was working late! they truly looked forward to him coming home! I am thankful to say that wasn’t everyday! but without the odd bad day how would be know we are having a great day, how would be know what to be thankful for? bonds are built on bad days as well as good days! check out my family

    motherhood – the best thing that has ever happened to me!
    that should be a bumper sticker!

  2. Yes, Yes, and YES! My husband is in Australia for the next few weeks (as in gone for almost a MONTH) and I’m single parenting with an extremely high-energy two-year old, so at some point we will be having m&m’s for dinner because I’ll be too tired to fight it 😉 Found you through BBTL!

    • Lol. How do they have SO MUCH ENERGY, especially when they are such picky eaters? I do not know how you are going to do this “my husband’s in beauty and I’m with the kids” thing… I am in awe of you right now.
      (I’ll be making those buckeye bars tomorrow for sure!)

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