Photo Friday: My first exhibit

I’m so excited to share that I have a few framed prints on sale at a coffee shop in my neighborhood.  I go there anytime I have a babysitter, just to sit with my laptop and work on my pictures/scrapbooks, and so I eventually worked up the courage the other day to ask if I could hang a few of my photos.  They were beyond happy to let me.  So yesterday I went over there and, hands shaking, tapped some nails in the wall and hung these up.  What do you think?

Who knows if anything will come of it, but I am insanely proud of myself just for trying.


20 thoughts on “Photo Friday: My first exhibit

  1. I have been behind on blogs for a few months now. I am thrilled to see what you are up to. You artwork is amazing. I am glad you worked up the courage to ask them!

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