A heart to heart: thank you to each one of you

Really a head to head…

Dear Rose, Dave, Christina, hubby, Aunt Val, Meredith, Lorrie, Erin, Amanda (across the pond), Elizabeth, Holly, Crystal, Janice, Belen, Janice (another one!), Nicole, Joanna, Adrian, Daniel, Mrs. Groves (is that your real name?), Melanie, Marcie, Mom, dkadler (sorry… tell us your name :)), Lori, Brian, Celani, Melanie, Donna, Kelly, Nikki, Rishona, Douniazed, and Talin (who loves chocolate possibly more than I do):

It occurs to me that though you are a small bunch, you Poetic Aperture followers you, you CLEARLY have excellent taste.  We are an intimate community of 34 e-mail and WordPress followers, with a few close friends who visit almost every day thrown in the mix.  I love you guys! 

Joanna told me that she sent one of my posts about clearing clutter to her husband (and she said I helped her!) I love that! 

I have reconnected with a friend who gave me what is most likely the best compliment I have ever received:

All I can say is WOW. You know when you have an old friend that you haven’t seen or talked to in a while and then you connect and it turns out they’re this incredibly amazing and talented person who has finally found the way to express themselves – the way they couldn’t back when you knew them but you knew they had it in them? No? Well, I do now.  
You are amazing talented and creative and accessible. I am just blown away by… everything.

I am/was the first blog that Nicole subscribed to.  A few months ago, she Googled “letting go and making space” because that’s something she was working on at the time, and since that was the exact title of one of my blog posts, she ended up reading and enjoying it.  The rest is history.  Thanks, Nicole!

We have among us some of my relatives, some of my classmates from The Momoir Project writing courses, some new and some long-time friends, some REALLY awesome photographers, and my sweet hubby (who says he reads it daily to stay ahead of the Naomi curve!)

My peeps, I want you to know that I appreciate and savor every single comment and compliment from you.  In anything that I think of undertaking, you friends are definitely part of what pushes me forward.  I sense that great things are going to happen in 2012 and I cannot wait to share them all with you!



11 thoughts on “A heart to heart: thank you to each one of you

  1. Back at you cuz! I look forward to your email everyday with lots of great nuggets of wisdom. Love you so much and wish you and hubby and beautiful Hannah a shining 2012! xoxo

  2. Na –

    Thank you for sharing your journey and photos. I am constantly blown away by everything. Keep it up, believe in yourself, and listen to your husband – he’s a good judge of character and I TOTALLY agree with him that you could make a decent wage, and have fun, taking family photos. I have a friend here who has started doing that, in addition to her job as a state government attorney, and I’d be happy to get you in touch, if you wanted.

    Here’s to a wonderful new year! Love to the family!


  3. you bring a smile to my inbox every morning–and i am so appreciative for that and the myriad other things you do to enrich my life. love you!

  4. Read it everyday! Thanks for all of your wonderful insights- love accompanying you on this journey. Best wishes for the new year. And PS, this is the only blog I subscribe to;)

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