31 questions you should be asking in December – from the VPS blog

31 Questions You Should Be Asking In December

Virtual Photography Studio

What do I want in 2012? more time alone for reading and creative pursuits

How did I end up where I am today? [here is me laughing… what a strange question]

Is this really where I want to be? almost – still tweaking things to find the FLOW and PEACE

What three things are the most important to me right now? family, home, taking and editing pictures

What’s holding me back? Good question.  For some reason, I wait for the perfect conditions before starting something.  I am not doing some new art projects because I haven’t cleaned out the office closet yet.  Doesn’t make any sense!

What don’t I believe I can do? Create a reputation/income source from my photography

What am I afraid of? Being average

Has anyone ever tried it this way before? you know, I’d like to take pictures of kids in various places and be able to hand the parent a little card that says “go online in two weeks to see your images.” Maybe they’d buy them if they like them.

What if I say yes? I can invest a lot of time into building this website and publicizing it and it would probably feel good.  I know at least two people who would buy my nature prints.  So what if they’re related to me?  🙂

What if I say no? then I’ll never know

What is the worst that could happen? true

Do I expect enough out of myself? too much!

Do I expect too much from others? yes

Am I on the right track? yes

Can I choose a different path? yes

How do I define success? I’m seeking some kind of feeling of community I think.  Maybe a reputation for excellence within there somewhere.

Am I being too hard on myself? That’s a given

What makes me smile? My daughter.  Also things my husband says that cause me to laugh at myself.

How do I envision my life? More calm than it currently is.

Are my goals and dreams big enough? Hmm.

Have I always made the right choices? [laughing again] For the most part, yes.

What is the biggest major change I can make in my life? Since a live-in nanny is not an option, how about “creating every day,” a goal I’ve seen on others’ blogs?

Do I really want success? If I really think about it, I already have success.

Am I too comfortable where I am? no

What do I want to achieve? I’m getting bored with these questions.

How can I make this work? see above

What are my options? see above

How can I stay motivated? see above

Can I make a difference? that’s the key for me.

Is all of this worth it? of course it is.

What am I most thankful for in 2011? Our new home’s peacefulness.  Our way of life.  I’ve learned many new things in photography through classes and trial/error.

I’d love to know your answers to these questions too, if you feel like sharing.  


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