A concert at the Rothko Chapel

The Rothko Chapel is a tranquil space, open to all, that champions human rights and nurtures reverence through the integration of art and spirituality.  [It] has two vocations: contemplation and action. It is a place alive with religious ceremonies of all faiths, and where the experience and understanding of all traditions are encouraged and made available.  It is one place in our city that is open everyday of the year, free of charge for all people who seek a moment of quiet refuge.  It is here for you and countless others to possibly enjoy a moment of deep personal reflection, to be transformed by art or by a lecture or by silence.”

Sort of makes me wonder how I’d  never been there! I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to use the free tickets I’d won (from Sara Gish of Gish Picks, to see Sara Hickman, a Texas singer-songwriter I have long loved, on Friday evening.  (Turns out my daughter CAN go to sleep with a babysitter!) The concert was in celebration of the Chapel’s 40th anniversary.

The concert was intimate, lovely and fun.  Before leading the audience in a sing-along of her final song, “We are All Each Other’s Angels,” which is a song she co-wrote with Chuck Brodsky, Sara whispered to us about the good in each one of us and how joy-filled she finds the world every day.  I got goosebumps.

go answer your calling
go and fill somebody’s cup
and if you see an angel falling
won’t you stop and help her up


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