Toddler update and Photo Friday – more Houstonian nature pictures

A LOT of people viewed yesterday’s post.  In case you’re interested, my daughter responded incredibly well to the new limits.  She actually thrived… she interacted more with friends and played more by herself than I’d ever seen her do.   And I LOVED being able to be myself, doing mostly what I wanted to do all day (visit with friends, put in a load of laundry, read some e-mails, wash dishes… I even read part of a magazine at one point while she played!) – well, within reason.  It wasn’t a day at the spa, but we both enjoyed it very much.  It’s good to be back in charge around here. 

Maybe you can tell by the first three photos that I’m getting rather addicted to textures!

In case you missed the first post, here it is!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


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