Blogs, blogs, everywhere blogs

After working at it for a LONG time and even using my iphone apps (Pulse, Flipbook), I had finally gotten my unread blog posts on Google Reader down to 831.  I’d pretty much given up on getting to zero, meaning I’ve caught up and could go forward only reading what is posted that day.  I’d even started making it more of a game for myself by reading the blog with the most unread posts first.

I just counted how many blogs I’ve subscribed to via Google Reader.  Ready? 128.  Yep.  Artistic/creative blogs, parenting blogs, photography blogs, Jewish blogs, writing blogs… I’ve thought about listing them all here with links but I’d really rather go get a root canal.

And now Babble has released their Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2011 and I am going to want to follow even more! There are so many clever, useful, insightful women profiled here.  Check it out!


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