Uncommon Goods – unique gifts and creative design

Drooling over these things from the latest uncommon goods catalog.

In case you are wondering, uncommon goods didn’t ask me to recommend their products.  I just want to remember these lovely things, even if I don’t own any of them.

Four Seasons Mugs” are handmade, one for each season, even a special indentation for your thumb. $98

Hidden Message Jewelry” are beautiful handcrafted hinged pendants.  $175

Mother and Daughter Letter Book” – there are others for couples, sisters, and friends too. $35

Hand-Painted Ceramic Vases” $28-$32

Tree of Life Globes” are hand blown of recycled glass in Canada.  Each features an interior glass trunk that branches out to support vibrant splashes of color. $45

Handmade Glass House Mezuzah” OK this one I’m thinking about purchasing.  New house, new mezuzah? I love the colors. $50

You Keep Me On Course” necklace has two charms.  The first is the image of a sailboat. The second charm displays the message, “You keep me on course,” engraved in clear, cursive script. Hand cast and crafted in Maine.  The problem with this is that I would want to give it to my hubby, who totally keeps me sane.  I doubt he would wear it though! There is also “you are my anchor” and “you are my shining star.” $95

Loved Locket” $40

Uncommon goods’ products are handmade and recycled and made by artists.  They are a B Corporation, a non-profit that helps you understand the social and environmental impact of your purchases.  At checkout, you can select a non-profit (American Forests protects our trees and plants new ones; AmeriCares supports victims of disasters; City Harvest strives to end hunger in NYC; RAINN is the largest anti-sexual violence organization) and they will donate $1.


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