Affirmation statements

I bought an e-book recently by Ev’Yan Nasman called Sex, Love, Liberation: A Manifesto for the Bold at Heart, and it included daily e-mail prompts to keep me mindful in my self-actualization practice.  Entitled  30 Days of Sensuality, the prompts were helpful in remembering to be kind to myself and remain/get centered.  (The book itself was awesome too.  “It’s for anyone that craves beauty, pleasure, lightness.”)
One of the last e-mails was an invitation to write my own affirmations (little whisperings of awareness that enlighten us throughout the day; reminders of our magnificence, power, & beauty).
I’ve put the prompt in bold and then finished the sentence.
  1. I believe in intuition, coincidence, and serendipity.
  2. I contain talents that I am just realizing.  Giving them the opportunity to come forth is a new priority.
  3. The one truth I want to hold onto is to be gentle with myself.
  4. I want to completely eradicate this judgmental and negative voice inside.
  5. My goal(s) to be a positive force in the world will be accomplished with grace.
  6. I am worthy of unconditional love, passion, kindness.
  7. My body is a temple; I decorate it with um… earrings???
  8. Nothing will stop me from protecting those I love.
  9. What I want most of in my life is LOVE.
  10. (One bold statement that you wish to always remember. Examples: “Round bellies are beautiful;” “Now is the right time;” “I am love.”) “You have it in you.”
How would YOU finish them?

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