Picture Inspiration: Weeks 32-36

Picture Inspiration: 52 Weeks of Photocentric Creativity and Community

How have I managed to get so far behind??? Here are five weeks of prompts and on Monday I’ll put the remaining three.  Then I will be caught up and maybe I can actually complete the class by participating in real time.  It’s the most fun to receive comments on my photos and look at what everyone else is posting.

Week 32: Fly on the Wall

There are no limits to the many walls that surround us for so much of our lives. This week, we will pay tribute to the walls around us.

If this wall could speak, it would tell of all the cafe patrons who sat here on this patio and caught up with friends, their newspapers, or themselves.

Week 33: Long and Tall

Find the long and/or tall of things. You don’t have to be tall to be long, nor do you have to be long to be tall. Just seek out one or the other (or perhaps you’ll find both)! Test and try different angles and perspectives to stretch your subjects to capacity.

Week 34: Hand-Held

This week is a week of hand holding – however you want to capture it.  Remember the power of gesture and how much of a story your hands will tell if you let them.

Little pumpkin, little hands.

Week 35: Oh My Gourd!

Let us celebrate the gorgeous gourd! The robust shape, the vibrant colors, the variety of textures… it’s up to you how you focus on these seasonal beauties but I challenge you to create a shot that reinvents the pumpkin and features it in a new light.

I liked the scale these pumpkins gave me when photographing my daughter’s cute little legs.  She looks so big and so little all at once.


Week 36:Punchy Color

‘Tis the season, after all, for colorful costumes, the changing of the leaves, and fiery sunsets. Find colors that inspire you this week and capture them with your lens.

I like this picture because of the bright pink. I overheard my daughter telling someone, “I wear pink whenever I get the chance.” 

Picture Inspiration is a companion space to the Picture Series classes and consists of weekly photocentric prompts, challenges and projects.  It’s a virtual coffee shop – a place to gather, chat, share photos, glean insignts, ask questions, and get inspired.  Through connection and creativity, we are delving deeper into what it means to use photography to reveal the magic in our everyday lives.


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