Craft supply organization

I was reading an article about identifying your passions and I actually didn’t get very far into it before I realized how much I love to organize and that I had a huge project waiting for me.  I literally jumped up and started taking out all my craft supplies.  Some were in the garage, some in my daughter’s craft closet, and some still in moving boxes.

I finally had time to spread everything out on the floor in the office and sort them into containers so that I can use them.  I have had to put it off because there are so many little doodads that an almost three-year-old would love to get her little hands on.  So I decided the Thanksgiving planning, holiday card addressing, and driver safety class I have to take can wait, put on some music, and dove in.


Paper, stickers, ribbon, adhesives, markers, buttons, sparkles, photo corners galore!


I used to be an avid scrapbooker.  I mean, a physical, glue on your hands kind of scrapbooker.  A take over your dining room table and floor space kind of scrapbooker.  I spent hours and hours making baby books of my little nephew or books of our vacations.  And then I started doing it all digitally and I abandoned all these fun supplies.  I still have a large box of 12×12 books just waiting for beautiful pages.



You can imagine the amount of time I spent contentedly wandering around scrapbooking and craft stores back in the day, let alone the amount of money invested in all these supplies.


Well now I am going to use them!! I’ve got everything organized into usable, labeled bins.

All my baby book supplies are together: papers, stickers, ribbons, etc.

I have two containers of papers: solid and patterned.

I have a container full of the other stickers, page borders, and letters.

And finally all the tools and stencils are boxed together.

Now I can wander into this otherwise messy closet (my next project) and see everything put together so nicely.  I get goosebumps just looking at it all!

Stay tuned for some fun craft projects!


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