Check out ShangriLa Custom Gifts for your holiday gifts

My dear friend Corrie has been productively spending her “non-mom” time at her sewing machine and she just opened her very own Etsy shop! I know and love her creations because she has been gifting them to the kiddos in our playgroup for awhile now.  My daughter got a very cute apron for her birthday last year and she wears it every time she “cooks” in her little kitchen.  Corrie’s own sweet girl always has a cute apron on when she eats or does messy projects.

I love the bags, art smocks, crayon rolls, and tool belts in Corrie’s shop, and I especially love what she writes about herself and her new venture:

Once upon a time, I wanted to write a book called “Pisces and the Days at Shangri-La.” I planned to fill it with stories of growing up in small-town America. Funny anecdotes of finding snakes in the washing machine (though more often the dryer!), selling raspberries on rollerblades and riding my bicycle into the hospital (where I would chain it to the oxygen tanks). These would be balanced by the more serious stories of the day our house flooded in 1993, the tortured genius of my Mensa-card-carrying brother and working hard day in and day out to become the first female in my family to go to college.

But my favorite stories are of my Days at Shangri-La (which is an actual place in Illinois), kayaking the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River. Water is both beautiful and powerful. I love being on the water – walking that delicate balance between respect and rebellion where adrenaline drives you on. Everyone needs a Shangri-La: a place to push your limits and rise above whatever challenges you’re dealt that day. 

Shangri-La Custom Gifts is my next test. You can’t succeed if you never try, so here’s to a new, uncharted adventure.

Way to go, Corrie! Please check out her shop and tell your friends.  



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