Between Interruptions is now an e-book

You may remember that I took two writing classes from The Momoir Project and found writing about motherhood to be cathartic.  The online group of women in the classes became a supportive sisterhood for me and I am still connected to some friends from the classes.

Cori Howard, who teaches The Momoir Project, edited a compilation of essays and had it published a few years ago.  Titled Between Interruptions: 30 Women Tell the Truth About Motherhood, the book is full of essays that explore what is unspoken, cut off or lost in the years spent raising children.  I recommend buying it.

The sad news here is that the publisher of her book recently went bankrupt.  So Cori has hundreds of copies of her book sitting in her basement.  Cori says in this post that she cares first and foremost that these stories get out into the world and that these heartfelt stories are not lost.  So she decided to turn her book into an e-book.  Now that it’s even more affordable ($3.03 on Amazon!!!) and accessible, perhaps you’d like to read it?


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