Ah, daylight savings with a toddler

I wrote this post on Friday.  It actually wasn’t too terrible an adjustment.  I can deal with a few whiny moments and an extra long day.

I remember the days when it really didn’t matter that the clocks were changing. Those days are long gone for us since the daily schedule is queen over here and if we somehow forget that a particular spoon goes with a particular meal, we are going to hear about it.  When I read in the paper that it is soon time to change the clocks, I groaned aloud.  What is the point of this again?

We are supposed to enjoy the extra hour on Sunday, but I predict that when the usual 6:30am wake-up happens at 5:30am, I’ll be enjoying an extra cup of coffee (or two).  Lord help me when it gets to be “happy hour” around 5pm and the whining begins.  Usually when my daughter does not nap, I try putting her to bed a little earlier so she can get at least half an hour of additional sleep.  But I can’t put her to bed early this time for fear that she’ll wake up even earlier.

Every year, twice a year, I am reading articles and discussion boards about how to prepare for the time changes by beginning to shift the child’s schedule in 15-minute increments each day.  This year, I am going to continue my trend of obliviousness and just go with it.  I’m expecting the last couple hours of the next few days to be complete crap, but I’ll remember my choice and that it’ll all be better soon.  🙂

If only school wasn’t cancelled on Monday morning.  😦


3 thoughts on “Ah, daylight savings with a toddler

  1. I just “go with it” too. We aren’t schedule people. I didn’t enjoy waking up an hour earlier but I keep telling myself it isn’t really earlier…the inner clock is still the same 🙂 Luckily I work evenings so it’s not a big issue 🙂

  2. No school on Monday morning? Those people just wanted to avoid all the whiny, sleepy children until their mom’s and dad’s could iron out the time change kinks! Thanks a lot! Hope things weren’t quite as bad as you imagined…:)

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