Play Grow Learn – a new ezine

Christie Burnett is the educator and mother behind Childhood 101, a blog full of content about fun, play, and learning.  She covers education, creative projects, organization, nutrition, and gives great ideas for fun projects to do at home with kids.  It’s supportive, positive, and inspiring.  Check it out!

So I was browsing the site and I saw that Christie now has an ezine.  I was happy to pay $4 for the 65- page instant download and I am enjoying reading it.  (I had to print it out because I like to read these things in bed at night and it’s just so hard to snuggle up with a pillow and the computer.)

Here’s what how the magazine is advertised on Childhood 101: 

Play Grow Learn brings together the ideas of early childhood teachers and real Mums with a passion for play and offers over 100 playful activity and project ideas to make playtime that little bit easier for busy parents.

Because play matters.
As parents of young children we are regularly told that play is important for the development and learning of young children and Play Grow Learn helps you to make the most of playtime with 62 pages of great ideas for, and useful information about, playing with babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Issue One of Play Grow Learn includes;

  • 7 pages of outdoor play
  • Over 30 baby play ideas,  for babies from birth to 12 months
  • Ideas for introducing geography by Playing With Maps
  • A quick and easy no-sew Superhero Cape tutorial
  • Ideas for moving beyond building and knocking down towers with blocks
  • One fabulous arty idea for getting your homemade Christmas pressies started
  • Cooking with kids, playing with words, music and dance, bathtime fun & more!
  • PLUS a fantastic full colour, printable set of snap cards!

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