Happy as a hobbyist?

The dreaded acronym… MWAC.  Mom with a camera.  Maybe it’s because I read so many mom/photography blogs or maybe it’s because so many of us mothers weren’t motivated to delve into photography before we had an adorable live subject to “focus” on, but I have heard this term so often lately that I find myself apologizing for being one, which is just plain silly.

You may know that I’ve been toying with the idea of a photography business.  I recently completed the Clickin Moms class, “So You Want to Start a Business?” It consisted of four week-long lessons about price structures, insurance, licensing, and writing a business plan, among other things.  I realized that I definitely don’t have the time needed to pursue this at this point in my life.  Maybe when my daughter begins kindergarten in a few years I will still want to do this.  I am beyond happy to do a job here and there, but nothing “official.”

Just because I can take great pics doesn’t mean I MUST be a professional photographer.  BUT, I am looking into selling some of my images online.  More about that soon.  I do love taking pictures and I love that others get pleasure from them as well.

A free professional photography magazine recently arrived at my house.  I got a huge kick out of the mailing label: 


2 thoughts on “Happy as a hobbyist?

  1. How funny, I have never heard the term MWAC, Mamarazzi yes, but not MWAC. I say, never apologize, it makes us happy and we should keep on snapping! :o)

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