Picture Inspiration: Weeks 12 – 16 and 29 – 31

Picture Inspiration: 52 Weeks of Photocentric Creativity and Community

Oh boy did I get behind on this class!

Week 12: Mysterious Ways

There is nothing more mysterious than the creations of Mother Nature. From bulbs to blooms, seeds to sprigs, pinecones to pods – the wonder, whimsy and pure curiosity of these elements can leave me in awe.  Be on the lookout for the mysterious.

These Lantana amaze me.  I wonder how they “know” to make these little offshoots that turn into individual flowers.

Week 13: From the Ground Up

When it comes to revealing something mysterious, it’s almost always a matter of perspective. There is nothing more enchanting than capturing a flower, or grasses, from the ground up.  By taking the perspective of being on the ground while gazing up at even the smallest of ground cover, it can give you the feeling of being in a secret garden. The scale that this angle can provide can make the viewer feel like they’ve been given an insect’s eye view. Your job this week is to find a perspective of enchantment this week!

Here’s a lantana flower from below:

Week 14: Bird’s Eye View

Let’s look at the world with a bird’s eye view. Whether you just look down from where you are or you choose to perch yourself somewhere over the rainbow with the bluebirds is totally up to you.  Let’s let the birds of spring be our guides. Do you see what they see? Use your lens to try.

Week 15: Double Vision

First we shot up and then we shot down. Can you believe how totally unique the world can look from such different perspectives? This week we will be studying one object and taking a look at it from these two totally different perspectives.  The point here is to see how many different (and refreshing) ways there are to look at just one thing.

The fact that the two photos below fulfill this prompt is by complete coincidence.  I shot the first on purpose and then later in the day, I happened to be meeting a friend in the restaurant right behind this fountain so I took another picture very quickly (hence the glare) and actually deleted it.  I retrieved it from my Recycle Bin when reading this prompt.  Ha!


Week 16: Coupling

Just try to bring two things together (either two of the same things or two totally different objects) in a way that speaks to you.

I have never seen a crepe myrtle tree that had two different color flowers.  I studied this tree for awhile but couldn’t see exactly what happened to start a few of the branches to becoming a light pink.  

Week 29: Where You Stand

It’s your photographic assignment to capture an image (or 2 or 3) of YOUR feet, standing right where you are. Whenever you want, wherever you are, point your camera down at your feet and click.  Say something about you, where you are, what you are up to. Tell us a story of YOU.

2-year-old feet and 36-year-old feet

Week 30: Hands On

Hands down, hold hands, hands to the sky or even hands of the clock. Anything goes. Just be sure to capture a hand or hands, one way or another.

Week 31: Extreme Crop

It takes thought and planning to crop your image (as you shoot it) in a way that doesn’t feel that natural.  Use your viewfinder to crop in a way you may have never thought to crop it, in a way that might surprise even yourself!

I love how my daughter immersed herself in the moment when smelling this flower.

Four more weeks of catch-up coming soon!

Picture Inspiration is a companion space to the Picture Series classes and consists of weekly photocentric prompts, challenges and projects.  It’s a virtual coffee shop – a place to gather, chat, share photos, glean insignts, ask questions, and get inspired.  Through connection and creativity, we are delving deeper into what it means to use photography to reveal the magic in our everyday lives.


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