You know you’re a mom when…

I saw this cute list on Cafe Mom called 34 Strange Habits Only Moms Understand.  What habits would you say apply to you? (P.S. My husband definitely does many of these, so I would say this doesn’t apply solely to moms.)

I am definitely guilty of:

1. Talking out loud at the grocery store.

3. Wincing when the doorbell rings, fearing it’ll wake the baby.  (I know… still.)

4. Listening and singing to kids’ CDs (even when my daughter is not in the car).

5. Swaying back and forth to soothe myself (but I think I always did this).

12. Only cooking on back burners.

13. Referring to myself in the third person (and calling my hubby “Daddy-o” even when my daughter isn’t around).

14. Immediately feeling the need to hold hands as we approach a street or parking lot.

23. Reaching to stroke a child’s hair, even when not my own child.

25. Putting my hand out behind a child walking up steps, even if not my child and even if they don’t need help.

27. Putting full cups of anything out of reach of little hands.


2 thoughts on “You know you’re a mom when…

  1. you know–some of these (i think) are female things–because i do some of them and i have no kids. i definitely sway back and forth–especially in the checkout line. and i also put my hand behind kids trying to walk up the stairs. and i automatically move hot plates and things that the waitress puts down. one of our friends said she loved going out with us because i was so helpful 😉 so maybe i’m just nuts!

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