Reminiscing about PA

While in PA this past weekend, I was entirely charmed by the surrounding landscape and the weather, probably because it is such a contrast from home.  The lush green mountains filled with trees, the winding roads of the turnpike and back roads, the small farms along the way.

Driving through green hills and misty 40-degree rain, I couldn’t help but reflect about what our days were like when we lived in Pittsburgh.  All the familiar streets, the cobblestone houses and slate roofs, the three-dimensional topography, the farms, rural businesses, and the mountains… Ah how I love it!  It was familiar and yet entirely foreign, which is probably why I love it.  Since it hasn’t rained much in Texas lately, and because I love the coziness that rain brings, I welcomed it all the more.  I have to say, I was not eager to leave and return to the hot and humid, urban, flat ugliness that is Houston.  (We live there because my family is there, but if they would move…) Still, I was very excited to return to my daughter and hubby and our new home.



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