A love letter to myself

Through Karen’s daily prompts for the Path Finders course, I have created:

  • a Love List — a list of things that I love to do
  • three Light Words, which represent the activities which light me up
  • a vision board, visually representing what I hope for myself over the coming year
  • my Word of the Year
  • a mind map of ideas to help me actualize my Word of the Year using my Light Words
  • an extensive Life List Menu, with all kinds of awesome in store for the future
  • a collection of nightly notes, describing what I’ve been grateful for each day
  • a collection of countless Morning Pages, doodles, to-do lists, and heaven knows what other ephemera, and finally
  • some notes on identifying my “oxygen masks”

That is a lot of work.  More importantly, that is a lot of work to have completed in just 4 weeks (and may I add, while packing and moving and unpacking and all that mess).  To gain a little perspective, we were encouraged to give ourselves some loving advice in the form of a letter, written as if from our best friend.  Since I have wanted to do this for a few days now, the timing was perfect.


5 thoughts on “A love letter to myself

  1. Your friend Naomi is so wise! I love her! Save some organizing and picture-hanging for me to help with…….maybe the end of next week?

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