The reasons I’m exhausted

It really is always something, of course, and I realize it’s a matter of perspective.  I’m lucky to have to have any of these “problems,” I know.   That said, I’m TIRED! Capital T tired.  I am starting to see why moving is so high on the list of life stressors.

I fell asleep the other night immediately after my daughter did, at 7:50pm, because it was a day full of constant activity.  Caring for a toddler is exhausting enough, but I was in and out that day due to the sprinkler repair guys being here, the lawn and garden guy, remembering at the last minute that I needed to prepare a Yom Kippur dinner for my family, various visitors, the plumber coming to fix our faucets, etc, etc, etc.

It’s all the little things.  My daughter doesn’t go for waking up and letting me lay in bed for a few minutes.  She loves to repeat, “Get up!” until I obey, and it’s not worth fighting.  I try finding my slippers because I hate stepping on kitty litter, and it’s all over the house, but I still don’t know where they are.  I make my way to the kitchen and my daughter is already asking for a popsicle.  Yesterday, she dripped on our newly clean floor and now it’s sticky.  So we go outside with the popsicle and I’m trying to watch the birds but all I see are undone tasks.  The swingset I have yet to assemble; we haven’t treated the yard for ants yet; I forgot to ask the lawn guy about those little white flying bugs; we need to replace those two rose bushes that died from lack of water; the garage has all sorts of clutter waiting to be unpacked/donated/sorted; my car needs new rear brakes; etc, etc, etc.

We go in because the mosquitoes are awful.  I decide to take a shower and get dressed.  Just doing this is too much for me right now because I don’t know where anything is.  I would rather crawl back into bed than figure out where my razor has gone.  Getting dressed, I try on several pairs of pants that end up in the “to be donated” pile because they are too big or fit funny.  (I would love to get my closet in shape, but that’s a task for another day.  There are so many things that I just can’t get to right now.)  My jagged nails are ripping something… ugh.  I switch gears and decide to get my daughter dressed instead of myself.  Just about everything I’ve put on her lately has been too small.  I must get to her dresser and closet and sort through her clothes to see what she has that fits her!

Out the door, to synagogue, and finally we are sitting and I am just watching my sweet girl sing the prayers and “read” the prayer book so intently.  I will appreciate this even more if I can have a nap.

Update: I got a lovely nap after synagogue (thank you, dear hubby), unpacked my daughter’s closet and sorted through her dresser drawers, got myself out for a mani/pedi, and I even started filling the living room bookshelves.  I feel much better!


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