My rainy day photography adventure

I spent a few hours this past weekend driving around the resort in the rain, hopping in and out of the car whenever I desired, capturing nature’s beautiful wonders.  I completely forgot myself and was engaged in the project.  The last time I felt such joy was when I was taking pictures of waves on the beach in Sardinia, so unaware of the passage of time that I got sunburned.

The most surprising for me was that my new friends wanted to see my pictures and were awed by them.  They were positive that a career in photography is ready for me when I’m ready for one.  More on this soon, but I’ve recently discovered that I’m not ready for this just yet, but I’m pleased nonetheless.  No, not just pleased, but tickled pink beyond belief.

On this particular Saturday morning, there was pretty much nobody else wandering about the resort, probably due to the weather.  I could drive as slowly as I liked and stop my car just about anywhere to hop out and capture a particular scene I loved.  I found the colors to be astounding and I was soaking in everything.  (I was also soaking wet, but I didn’t mind in the least.) I set the radio to classical music and took a picture of every little thing I wanted to.  I used my new 50mm compact macro and now I am more in love with it than ever.

I absolutely loved the cold wetness that enveloped the entire weekend.  Perfect weather for flannel pjs, a fireplace, hot chocolate, and deep conversation.

More pictures coming tomorrow.


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