Improving every single day

Inspired by this post from The Simple Dollar, I want to try to better handle life’s challenges by trying to improve in 6 key areas every day.  I don’t think that I’d necessarily define a good day as having components of all of these, but when I think back to my favorite days, they do have more than a few of them.  Perhaps I could let it be more than accidental.

Emotional improvement – Am I content? What steps can I take that would make something better? What is causing my discomfort or tense mood?

Mental improvement – Focusing on calming stress, parenting in the moment, mindfulness, etc.

Physical improvement – I’ve got to be more active and continue to eat well and take care of my body so it will take care of me.

Spiritual improvement – I desire that feeling of connection to nature and the universe.  Who am I and what is my purpose? Quiet time helps.

Interpersonal improvement – I love telling friends how much they mean to me.  I love spreading joy and good feelings.  I have decided to focus more on friends that help me feel good.

Intellectual improvement – Learning, reading, crossword puzzles.  I wish I had more time for this.  I miss it.

I remember a grad school professor who drew up a pie chart for me with these areas, each having an equal piece.  She herself didn’t live as she prescribed and let’s face it, I was in grad school and studying/writing nonstop, but I look back on those days as very happy overall.  I had 2 or 3 very close, strong relationships; music was a very important part  of my spiritual growth; I was walking a ton and very active; I was working toward a goal (my Masters degree, trying to imagine my future, building independence); and it was almost all intellectual growth all the time.  And I didn’t even realize it.


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